A Guide to PayPal Friendly Sites

Discover retailers, web services and online tools
that accept PayPal as payment.

PayPal-Friendly Website Builder Tools

Wish to build your own professionally-designed, fully functional website with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop visual editor and create a strong and effective online presence?

The following list contains information about website builders that accept PayPal.
These cloud-based platforms enable small business owners to utilize these web publishing tools and use PayPal as their preferred payment method for their chosen service plan.

PayPal-Friendly Website Builder Tools



Yahoo Small Business


In a reality where so many consumers rely on the internet to locate, evaluate and compare local providers of goods and services, creating and maintaining a website is one of the most important growth drivers and success engines for any small business.

A high-quality website offers a great platform to provide up-to-date information about the business, the products and services it sells, their advantages, how to contact the vendor and current promotions – 24 hours a day.

These online brochures can be accessed from a verity of devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, so people can visit them from home, the office and even on the go.

Having a professional website is important for creating a positive first impression, giving the business a voice, communicating with the target audience and attracting new customers.
This digital asset helps to develop a competitive edge, boost credibility and reliability, improve image and generate more sales or leads.

Good websites are well-designed, function flawlessly on the technical level, offer easy navigation between the site’s sections and deliver useful content.
An effective online environment creates an engaging user experience, which inspires and encourages potential clients to want to do business with the company.

Typical small business sites usually contain pages such as:

  • Home
  • Company profile (“About Us”)
  • Blog
  • Products
  • Services
  • Specials / coupons
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Gallery / portfolio
  • News
  • Customer testimonials
  • Pricing
  • Online orders / ecommerce
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms & conditions
  • Jobs
  • Contact us + map

What Do Website Creators Offer?

Starting a new site from scratch can be an overwhelming task, especially for individuals with no previous experience who do it for the very first time.
Website builders offer a convenient way for anyone with a PC, browser and an internet connection to create a visually appealing website online, with no need to install anything on the user’s hard drive.

Such tools are usually used by small businesses, local shops, freelancers (such as photographers, consultants, writers, etc.), independent professionals (architects, accountants, realtors, etc.), nonprofit organizations and even small start-up companies and entrepreneurs who need a good solution for establishing their web presence quickly.

Back in the days, even building a small and simple business website required hiring a professional web designer for the project or using an offline website design software.
Today, online builders are web publishing tools that allow the construction of professionally-looking websites without manual code editing.

There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of these services: performance, convenience, user-friendliness, flexibility and value for price – among many others.

Do-it-yourself-style development tools do not require any special programming skills, web design background or other technical expertise, so even beginners and non-techies can complete such web projects and get their websites up and running in record time.
In addition, they are extremely affordable, so even businesses with low budgets can save time and money and take advantage of these services.

They use a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) visual editor which enables users to easily drag and drop design elements in order to create a website.
Users can simply login to their account, pick one of the pre-defined graphic layouts, upload their logo to the header, add content and begin customizing the site to their liking.

The user-friendly interface enables subscribers to add or remove pages and update the site’s components, in terms of titles, text blocks, images, videos, forms, buttons, galleries and other types of web content and widgets.

Common features of such web-based website editors include:

  • Custom domain names
  • Intuitive browser-based editor
  • Bundled web hosting service
  • A broad selection of customizable themes
  • Industry-specific template designs
  • Ecommerce / online store solutions
  • Payment provider integration (including PayPal)
  • A blogging system
  • Form builder
  • Image library
  • Plug-ins, add-ons and apps
  • Responsive sites (mobile friendly)
  • Password protected pages
  • Customizable SEO options
  • Custom email addresses
  • Social media integration
  • Multilingual website support
  • Marketing tools
  • Web analytics
  • Content import
  • Email marketing

Most companies offer free trial options or completely free plans (with certain limitations), which enable users to test a variety of tools simultaneously, evaluate their quality and ability to support specific requirements and getting a better understanding which one delivers the best results.

After comparing “apples to apples”, making an informed decision and choosing the most suitable website building platform for the user’s individual needs gets a lot easier.

Paying for a Website Builder Plan with PayPal

Many popular website building tools in the market accept PayPal and take a variety of other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers and more.