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PayPal-Friendly Auto Part Stores

Wish to buy quality OEM or aftermarket replacement parts for your car, truck, SUV or Jeep, as well as other automotive related equipment, tools, accessories and supplies?

The following list contains information about auto part stores that accept PayPal.
These online shopping websites enable customers to replace motor vehicle components as they become worn or damaged and use PayPal as their payment method for this purchase.

PayPal-Friendly Auto Part Stores


Advance Auto Parts

Sixity Auto

Auto Barn




Any typical vehicle is an extremely complex machine that ultimately depends on a host of smaller systems and components in order to run smoothly.
As an automobile naturally ages with time, its performance decreases and usually tends to become less reliable.
The different components wear out or malfunction and replacing them become inevitable.

Auto parts may be used for a variety of totally different purposes: from basic functionality, mechanical or body repair, general maintenance, increased performance, greater safety or enhanced visual aesthetics.

While some popular products like windshield wiper blades, oil and headlights are easily replaceable, even by regular drivers, others require professional repair expertise.

Car parts are consumed by multiple types of individual and business customers:

>> Garages, auto repair and body shops.
>> Automobile service stations.
>> New and used car dealerships.
>> Independent mechanics and professional installers.
>> Insurance companies.
>> Fleet companies.
>> Car tuning, modifying and performance enthusiasts.
>> DIYers and auto enthusiasts who do their own car repairs.
>> Private customers and the general public.

New Car Part Types

The auto part market divides to two main types of automotive supplies.
The first, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, are ones that were specifically made by or for a specific car manufacturer and can mainly be purchased through the local dealerships of that maker or from other third party automotive distributors and stores.
They are also commonly defined as ‘genuine’, ‘original’, ‘official’ or ‘factory parts’.

OEM parts are completely identical to those that were originally put in at the manufacturer’s factory, eliminating the potential possibility of any technical, mechanical or engineering changes to the vehicle.

Alternatively, aftermarket parts are new non-OEM repair and replacement parts (aka compatible or generic parts), produced by 3rd party companies, meaning not by the original car manufacturer.
They are typically an exact replica of the maker’s original part.

In terms of overall product quality, they’re often just as good as the original ones, as long as they’re purchased from reliable and reputable sources and if they carry the same type of warranty and quality guarantee as the original parts.

Another important aspect that can provide the consumer with better peace of mind is an official auto part CAPA certification, which helps to verify the integrity, suitability, compatibility and high quality of that part.
In terms of price, they usually cost far less compared to OEM auto parts and can obviously help anyone save money and reduce cost.

Since both aftermarket and OEM parts are legitimate and common shopping choices, each with its own individual benefits and drawbacks, the buyer needs to decide which option better serves his needs, budget and specific repair circumstances.

What Do Auto Part Websites Offer?

Here are a few common examples for replacement auto supplies, performance parts and vehicle accessories that can be found in almost any major automotive part shopping site on the web:

>> Auto Body Parts
>> Engine & Drivetrain Parts
>> Breaks, Suspension & Steering
>> Car Batteries
>> Interior Parts
>> Headlights & Lighting
>> Performance Vehicle Parts
>> Mirrors
>> Interior & Exterior Car Accessories

Most major retailers offer parts for US as well as foreign made cars in their online catalogs so whether the shopper needs items for an American-made domestic brand or for an import one, created by an international maker, he will be able to easily order it online.

In most cases, top consumer considerations for choosing a product include factors such as certain technical specifications, item’s price, product availability, warranty coverage as well as delivery speed and such websites make it simple for users to make this online research quickly and conveniently.

Parts can usually be searched for and found either by browsing the relevant topical category, by using a keyword through the site’s search engine or by typing in the specific part’s number.
Either way, in order to get accurate results the customer must have precise information regarding the vehicle’s year, make and model or alternatively, its VIN number.

The leading online retailers offer a much larger part selection, compared to traditional brick and mortar stores and local car dealerships.
In addition, they provide a great way to save time and money, compare prices efficiently before actually placing an order and get detailed information about each item.

These reasons as well as others, are the driving force behind the rapid development of the commercial auto part website industry and the growing consumers’ preference to use it over other alternatives.

Paying for Auto Parts with PayPal

Many popular auto part ecommerce sites in the market accept PayPal and take a variety of other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, gift cards and more.