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PayPal-Friendly Mattress Companies

Do you want to improve the quality of your sleep, get better body support and experience a superior level of comfort in order to enjoy a truly good night’s rest?

The following list contains information about mattress stores that accept PayPal.
These online shopping websites enable consumers to order all types of mattresses and sleep systems from all leading brands and use PayPal as their payment method for the purchase.

PayPal-Friendly Mattress Stores

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Sleep is a basic biological need that plays an essential role in maintaining good health, vitality, quality of life and well-being for every human being throughout their lifespan.

Getting adequate quality sleep at night consistently is a key part of a healthy lifestyle that can help protect one’s mental and physical health and enjoy better daytime performance, concentration, focus, productivity and safety, which benefit the body and mind.
Good sleep is also important for other vital functions, like metabolism, the immune system, memory, athletic performance, learning capabilities as well as others.

Needless to say, one’s ability to calm down and completely relax the body and mind into sleeping, without constantly tossing and turning, largely depends on the mattress he is sleeping on and its quality.

The wrong type of mattress, can be the cause of sleep deficiency which has major consequences, like physical discomfort, stress, depression and other serious health related problems, such as low back pain, weight gain and even chronic diseases.

Poor quality mattresses, may include toxic substances, harmful materials, glues, chemicals and fire retardants that can have serious effects on health.
In addition, after years of intensive use, old and worn out mattresses collect loads of dead skin, body oils, dust-mites, and potential allergens.

Factors to Consider

Getting a new mattress is exciting, as it’s a meaningful step towards a great night’s sleep.
However, with the endless variety of brands, models and confusing marketing gimmicks, this shopping challenge can also turn into a nail biting process, due to the fear of making a costly mistake.

The average person spends roughly one-third of his total lifetime in bed, either asleep or attempting to do so, which is why it’s so important to choose the right mattress.

In the past, the word “mattress” was strongly associated with the traditional innerspring coil bed; however, since then, science has come a long way and modern technologies and innovations offer a broader range of alternatives that can benefit the customer’s specific sleep needs.

Buying a new mattress is a significant long-term investment that can help people solve or avoid many major problems.
There are a several important product features that customers may want to consider before making a final choice:

  • Size
  • Support Level
  • Comfort Level
  • Sleeping Position
  • Temperature (cooling technology)
  • Edge Support
  • Product Warranty
  • Budget

Popular Brands

The following list contains some of the most popular mattress manufacturers in the industry that dominate the market:

  • Comfort Solution
  • Corsicana Bedding
  • Sealy
  • Select Comfort
  • Serta
  • Simmons
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Therapedic

What Do Mattress Websites Offer?

Online retailers offer a broad variety of mattress types and each one incorporates different materials, technologies and trends.
The market is full of product options that can successfully meet the consumer’s individual needs and budget and each alternative has its own pros and cons, which are important to explore and understand before buying.

Common mattress types include:

  • Innerspring / Coil / Pillow-Top
  • Memory Foam
  • Hybrid
  • Foam
  • Gel
  • Air-Filled
  • Latex
  • Futon
  • Waterbed

Most stores offer convenient options to search and find mattresses by various criteria, such as mattress size (twin, full, queen, king-size and others), comfort (soft, firm or something in between), technology type / core construction method, specific manufacturer, sleeping position (back, side, stomach sleeper or multiple positions) price range as well as others.

Ordering a mattress on the internet is becoming more and more popular as many people try to avoid pushy salespersons, aggressive price manipulation and haggling hassles.
Mattresses can be conveniently ordered on the web either from traditional brick and mortar merchants and nationwide department stores that operate in this market for years (and even decades) as well as from online-only direct-to-consumer startup players.

Some companies offer in-home trial periods or comfort guarantee that give the customer the ability to take the mattress for a test run and in case it’s too soft or firm – change it for another.
Alternatively, other websites offer easy returns and money back guarantee that usually come in the form of either a full refund or credit for the purchase of another mattress.
Obviously, companies that have good return and refund policies offer better peace of mind to the end customer, so it’s important to carefully read the fine print.

Paying for Mattresses with PayPal

Many popular mattress ecommerce sites in the market accept PayPal and take a variety of other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, gift cards and more.