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PayPal-Friendly School Supply Stores

Wish to order back-to-school essentials, professional heavy-duty classroom equipment and furniture, teaching aids or a variety of other useful educational products for students?

The following list contains information about school supply retailers that accept PayPal.
These websites enable kindergartens, daycare centers, schools and parents to order supplies and equipment and use PayPal as their preferred payment method for the purchase

PayPal-Friendly School Supply Stores

Discount School Supply

Office Depot



Receiving quality education is the cornerstone of improving quality of life, making progress and ensuring prosperity and success for individuals, families and the broader society.
This priceless asset lays the important groundwork for the future direction of children’s lives, the local communities they live in and even the entire country.

School serves a large number of extremely important purposes: from building confidence, developing communication, socialization and teamwork skills, preparation for post-school adult life, not to mention acquiring basic knowledge and hardcore information.

Schools provide students a sense of safety, stability and comfort, as it’s their second home.
They help developing healthy and constructive life habits, avoiding dangerous behavior, being involved in variety of productive activities and establishing a well-structured daily routine.

Students are being taught to read and write as well as other fundamental subjects like mathematics, English, science, social studies, geography and history.
They’re also getting access to new ideas and creative activities that enrich their lives, which include computers, music, art, world cultures and foreign languages.

Importance of School Supplies

Common personal ‘Back-to-School’ items like backpacks, spiral notebooks, folders, binders and basic writing instruments play a large part in educational success.
They keep students organized throughout the year and help them complete assignments and keep pace with the rest of the class.

In addition, a truly well-stocked classroom can make a tremendous difference in how lessons, presentations or teaching appear in front of the young students and how fast the planned educational goals can be met.

Professional equipment and supplies influence the teachers’ ability to reach the kids effectively, motivate them, express relatively complex educational material in a clearer and more communicative way and inspire them to learn while actually enjoying the process.

These products, special aids and tools offer functionality which is vital to spark children’s imagination, visualize key concepts and ideas, instill a sense of wonder and make the overall teaching and learning environment more engaging, interesting and creative.

Back to School Season

Back-to-school and back-to-college shopping season is a very significant period for department stores, national chains and local independent retailers, second in importance as well as in spending volume only to the winter holidays.
The ‘season’ spans most of the third quarter, from mid-July through early to mid-September, just before (and a bit after) a new school year begins.

This timeframe enables typical consumers such as college students, parents of school children, teachers and educational institutions to prepare detailed supply checklists and purchase everything they need for the upcoming year.

It’s a key driver in this sector’s revenues and profits and retailers do their best to attract shoppers, capitalize on the season and expand their bottom line with everything from marketing gimmicks to actual deep discounts and special sales.


Providers of school and teacher supplies serve a diverse audience, which includes:

  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Daycare centers
  • Churches
  • Educational institutions
  • Parents to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary-age students
  • Homeschoolers

What Do School Supply Websites Offer?

Companies that operate in this industry sell the operational, organizational, administrative and educational products that help inspire students and their teachers to think, learn, create, grow and reach their full potential.

School supplies, classroom furniture, technological educational solutions, teaching aids and other advanced equipment provide the much needed scholastic support that children and educators need, for a meaningful learning experience.

Here is a brief summary of the main product categories that can be found in this market:

  • School Supplies: The tools of the trade that every student needs for traditional classroom and homework preparation activities, such as: pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers, scissors, glue and crayons.
  • Classroom Furniture: The foundational building block of the classroom, as child-sized furnishings are the most fundamental infrastructure of any teaching and learning environment.
    Items in this category include desks, chairs, boards, easels, heavy-duty organizers, shelving and storage units, carts and more.
  • Classroom Essentials: All the required equipment and everyday instructional and organizational necessities for a safe, productive and functional learning space.
    Items include classroom decorations, teacher supplies, educational posters, health and safety products and more.
  • Infant & Toddler: The hardware and supplies that are needed to create a safe and nurturing childcare center environment, which enable young kids to play, learn and reach their developmental milestones.
  • Arts & Crafts: the tools and materials to nurture a child’s creativity, manage school art projects and ongoing creative classroom activities.
    From paper, paint, crayons and colored pencils, aprons and gloves to art and craft kits, tools, foam, dough, clay and modeling materials.

Paying for School Supplies with PayPal

Most popular online school, classroom and teacher equipment retailers in the market accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal.