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PayPal-Friendly Book Stores

Wish to buy an exciting bestselling novel, a fascinating biography, a beautiful children’s book, a new edition of a timeless literary classic or other types of literature, poetry or nonfiction?

The following list contains information about online bookstores that accept PayPal.
These shopping websites enable consumers to buy all types of hardcover and softcover titles and use PayPal as their preferred payment method for the purchase.

PayPal-Friendly Book Stores

Better World Books




Books have been extremely important in human civilization and were used as effective vehicles for communicating information, perceptions and ideas.
The digital revolution has brought profound change to many aspects of everyday life of people all over the world, including the emergence of new ways to deliver knowledge and tell stories.

As a result, more of the traditional functions of physical books in the global society are currently being performed electronically, by computers, smartphones, other mobile devices and new media gadgets.

However, the old-fashioned paper book did not vanish from the educational and cultural scenes and it continues to thrive, as more titles are constantly being published.
Even in a time where there are so many competing alternatives and distractions, passionate readers are still enthusiastically embracing the traditional platform of the printed word.

For many regular readers, printed hardcovers and paperbacks offer a much friendlier and enriching experience compared to reading electronic text from screens and there are a number of explanations why people seem to interact better with them.

Holding a ‘real’ book is a very pleasant experience that offers comfort, convenience and nostalgia.
Feeling the weight of it in one’s hands, appreciating its physical beauty, enjoying the magical sound of turning a page, the creative design of covers, the ability to collect titles and proudly put them on display on bookshelves are only some of the reasons why so many bookworms prefer their books printed in ink on paper.

Benefits of Reading

Books, no matter the format nor the topic, short or long, simple or complex, in whatever shape or size, are one of the greatest things our world has to offer.
They play an extremely significant role in our life and their vast importance is undeniable.

Here are some of the advantages that make this essential activity so special:

  • Mental stimulation: boosting the human brain’s power.
  • Stress relief, relaxation and tranquility.
  • Getting a more peaceful and consistent sleep.
  • Increasing knowledge, wisdom and intelligence.
  • A vital part of every child’s healthy long-term development.
  • Expanding one’s vocabulary, grammatical skills and language usage.
  • Boosting one’s capability to focus, retain information and concentrate.
  • Improving overall memory function and keeping a sharp mind.
  • Exposure to new ideas, concepts, life lessons and advice.
  • Getting superior writing skills.
  • Boosting imagination, creativity as well as analytical thinking skills.
  • A powerful tool for self-development and personal growth.
  • Limitless entertainment and fun.
  • A great source for happiness, joy and well-being.

Popular Genres

Works and creations in printed format come in many different types and genres.
The following list includes examples to some of the most popular book genres that can be found in any typical bookstore on the web:

  • Literature Classics
  • Romance
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Westerns
  • Mystery & Crime
  • Thrillers
  • Short Stories
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Children’s Books
  • Non-Fiction
  • Biographies & Autobiographies
  • Business & Economics
  • US & World History
  • Health & Beauty
  • Art, Architecture & Photography
  • Philosophy
  • New Age
  • Religion
  • Politics & Current Events
  • Home & Garden
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • Design
  • Cookbooks
  • Law
  • Reference Books
  • Dictionaries & Languages
  • Self Help
  • Gift Books

What Do Book Websites Offer?

Online retailers offer a broad range of new and used printed books, written by established and reputable authors as well as and up and coming writers.
While some websites also operate physical stores (usually in densely populated urban areas), others are online-only players.

Either way, their gigantic virtual catalogs and diverse inventories offer a quick and easy way to search and find any traditional paper book (fiction and nonfiction) by various criteria, such as category / topic, title name, author name, publisher or ISBN.

In addition, the major sites in this market offer helpful tools and guides like bestseller lists, staff picks, recommendations for best reads, ‘coming soon’ section (with pre-order option), bargains, special deals, sales and much more.

Internet bookshops are also an especially great resource for book lovers who are looking for hard-to-find, collectible and rare titles, such as first editions, small-niche or unusual topics, out of print books, authentic signed copies and more.

Paying for Paper Books with PayPal

Many popular book ecommerce sites in the market accept PayPal and take a variety of other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, gift cards and more.