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PayPal-Friendly Shipping Supply Stores

Wish to order a variety of mailing, shipping and packaging materials that will offer strong, rigid protection and will guarantee the safe arrival of your products to their final destination?

The following list contains information about shipping supply retailers that accept PayPal.
These websites enable businesses from all industries to order boxes, bags, tubes and other useful supplies and use PayPal as their preferred payment method for the purchase.

PayPal-Friendly Shipping Supply Stores

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Packaging is a very important operational component of the entire order fulfillment process and businesses that regularly ship goods domestically as well as internationally need to find efficient solutions for this significant logistical challenge.

Getting products safely delivered to the shopper’s doors is not that simple and problem-free.
The package protects the shipped goods and products from a variety of potential hazards and unpredicted threats, ranging from bumps on the road, transportation vehicle shock and vibration, exposure to temperature variations and bad weather, delivery person mishandling or unintended accidents and more.

Corrugated fiberboard boxes, mailing tubes, padded envelopes, poly bags and other common shipping containers help in keeping the delivered items safe and secure, minimizing the risk for potential physical damage.

Some products are particularly fragile and improper packing can result in an item to be damaged or even completely destroyed.
This terrible scenario can be prevented in most cases, if the appropriate materials are used for each packing situation and if the item is professionally packed, braced, blocked and cushioned with utmost care.

In addition, the delivered boxes are the very first thing end-customers see as soon as they show up at their door and they’re responsible for the their first impression of the brand, even before they have been opened.

The individual unboxing experience affects the way a business is perceived by the customer and influences the overall customer satisfaction level.
Professional packaging sends the right message to clients that the retailer they bought from genuinely cares about the proper condition of the shipped goods.
It helps building positive reputation and increases the chances for future repeat purchases.

Common Types of Shipping Supplies

There are several types of common protective mailing, packaging and shipping materials that are used to pack and ship goods in order to help them arrive safely to their destination.
Since the packaging needs for each order are individual and unique, businesses face the continuous challenge of maintaining a substantial inventory that includes a wide variety of boxes, envelopes and other durable solutions.

Such items include:

Corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping purposes because they are well-constructed, strong and durable enough to accommodate varying weights, especially when the shipped item is fragile, sensitive or delicate in nature.
As such, they are approved for use by the national and international shipping carriers.

These versatile shipping containers are sturdy, reliable, protect against moisture, stackable and are quick and easy to assemble by anyone.
They offer high levels of resistance to compression, bending, drops, piercings, pressure and the general wear and tear during long-distance transit.

Corrugated paperboard-made packaging is lightweight, comes in a variety of configurations, easy to work with while packaging, loading and unloading, recyclable and eco-friendly, offers a lot of flexibility and can be fully customized with a logo, slogan and information printing.

Padded Envelopes
Padded envelopes and bubble cushioned mailers are used to ship relatively small items, photos, important documents or other printed media that require secure packaging.

They offer integrated shock-absorbing cushioning which safeguards the shipped item, eliminates the need for packing peanuts or other type of fillers and help ensuring that the package reaches the final destination intact.
Bubble mailers come in a broad range of exterior materials and finishes which can provide better product protection and greater water, puncture and tear resistance.

The envelopes are ready to use right out of the box and offer convenient and easy product insertion. The peal and close, self-adhesive flap which seals the envelope, makes the packing process fast, clean and extremely efficient – even for unprofessional employees.

This type of lightweight packaging option offers a great way to cut down on postage expenses and reduce overall shipping costs, compared to corrugated shipping containers.

Shipping Tubes
Cylindrical-shaped mailing tubes offer an effective and economical way to store and protect an assortment of delicate items – usually paper or fabric-made.
Such items include oversize documents, blueprints, posters, prints, artwork, engineering drawings, architectural plans, banners, maps, calendars, large-format photos and more.

These rugged containers resist breaking, crushing and bending, secure the gently rolled items inside, keeping them free from tears, creases, wrinkles, smudges and other unwanted marks.

Air Bubble Packaging
Commonly known as ‘Bubble Wrap’, this widespread plastic cushioning material forms a layer of air chambers for the purpose of protecting fragile items in a package, even throughout the rough and tumble transportation process.

Other popular packaging materials include poly bags, protective cushioning peanuts and foam, carton sealing tape, labels, tags, plastic wraps, edge protectors and more.

Paying for Shipping Supplies with PayPal

Even though PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods on the internet, many online wholesale shipping supply distribution websites have not adopted it yet.
However, a fair number of players in this market do accept PayPal and hopefully, their number will increase with time.