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PayPal-Friendly Pool Supply Stores

Wish to order professional above-ground and inground swimming pool liners, covers, chemicals, equipment or other goods can that be used to accessorize your pool?

The following list contains information about pool supply retailers that accept PayPal.
These websites enable residential, public and commercial pool owners to order all types of related products and use PayPal as their preferred payment method for the purchase.

PayPal-Friendly Pool Supply Stores




For some people, they are the embodiment of luxury, splendor and elitism, while for others they represent a practical source for health, fitness or fun.
People love going to the pool, either by themselves or with their family, for a variety of reason.

Here are just a few of them:

Swimming is great for adults and children’s health, as this exercise is not only an effective way to burn calories and reduce weight, but also a good method for strengthening cardiovascular health, building muscles and getting regular physical activity in general.
When going to a gym is not a viable option, this low-impact aquatic workout can be a great alternate form of exercise which doesn’t require any special equipment.

Stress Relief
Just like any other regular exercise, swimming and other types of pool workouts can be fantastic stress relievers and lead to improved mental health.
Sometimes, just by quietly floating motionless in the relaxing water while breathing fresh air can help dissolve anxiety and stress efficiently.

A community pool is a great way to meet and hang out with old friends, neighbors and even get to know new people, expand the circle of acquaintances and cultivate personal networks.
It’s a great way to expand one’s social life and make new interpersonal connections and friendships.

Family Time
The pool is a delightful place to spend quality time with the entire family, as kids love splashing, playing and engaging in fun water-based activities.
It’s a great way to escape the humidity and the high temperature, especially during the long and hot summer days.

In the digital age where TV, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are often keeping family members apart from one another, such a lovely activity can bring them closer together and create stronger relationships between parents and their children.

Public vs. Private Pools

Public Pools
City, community and neighborhood swimming pools are used by the general public for recreational purposes and are usually financed fully or partly by public money.
Public pools and spas can also be found in apartment and condominium complexes, mobile home parks, fitness, health and country clubs, water parks, hotels, schools and more.
In addition, this category also includes pools which are operated exclusively for medical treatment, hydrotherapy or non-recreational functions.

A public pool can either be for general use, meaning anyone can use it for a certain fee, or it can be for limited use, for the facility’s guests or members only.

Private Pools
The advantages of having a private pool at home are pretty obvious: lots of backyard fun and amusement, peace and quiet, increased home value, not to mention the proven health benefits.
Additionally, if properly maintained, residential swimming pools are much cleaner than their public alternatives, offering far better hygiene and sanitation.

Many fanaticize about the prestigious lifestyle which is often associated with owning a pool, which includes floating around on a raft with a refreshing tropical cocktail in hand and hosting exciting pool parties, fancy weekend barbecues or upscale poolside social gatherings.

What Do Pool Supply Websites Offer?

Companies that operate in this industry sell aboveground swimming pool, spa and hot tub equipment, residential and commercial pool supplies including chemicals, cleaning and maintenance devices, replacement parts, recreational items and safety products.

Here is a brief summary of the main product categories:

Aboveground Pools
Pool supply distributors offer a variety of pool types in different design styles, sizes, shapes, materials, depths, longevity levels and for different usage patterns, lifestyles and budgets.
Ring, frame and hard-sided above-ground pools are a great alternative to in-ground pools, and they offer a host of key advantages for homeowners.

These benefits include substantially reduced costs, quick and easy set-up with no heavy, noisy and costly backyard digging and construction operation, limited space friendliness, easier care and maintenance, convenient moving and seasonal storage options and more.

Pool Liners
Underground and above ground pool liners are made from highly resilient vinyl or plastic.
They play an essential role in of extending the life of the pool-owner’s investment and keeping it in excellent condition, by providing an effective leak-proof barrier which contains the water inside the pool walls.

These flexible sheet coverings protect the structure’s interior from possible algae, mold, chemicals, weather elements and potential physical damages.
They are adhered to the swimming pool’s surface and act as a shielding buffer between the walls and floor and the harmful elements that constantly come into contact with them.

Pool Covers
Pool supply retailers offer a variety of covers for different purposes, such as:

  • Safety Covers – offer priceless peace of mind as they help preventing accidental submersion and drowning of family members, visitors, wandering children, neighbors, passerby, pets and wildlife.
  • Winter Covers – help protect the swimming pool from dirt, leaves, debris and contaminating sunlight as well as from wind, rain, snow and other tough weather elements during the cold months.
  • Leaf Net Covers – allow to easily keep the pool water clean from unwanted fallen leaves and debris.
  • Solar Pool Covers – also known as pool blankets, these covers offer an efficient, natural and eco-friendly way to increase pool water temperature, make them more enjoyable for use and significantly reduce heating costs.
  • Other Covers – for heaters, slides, spas, diving boards and more.


Pool Chemicals
Maintaining a beautiful, well-balanced, sparkly clean and sanitary swimming pool with crystal-clear water, helps ensuring its longevity as well as swimmers’ health and safety.

Regular pool treatment which includes the perfect mix of water balancers, sanitizers (like bromine and chlorine), algaecides, shocks, oxidizers, clarifiers, stain removers or other common pool chemicals delivers this result and prevents the development of harmful bacteria and disease-carrying microorganisms.

Pool Equipment
Pool equipment is the heart of every residential and commercial swimming pool and it’s a vital component for its smooth and safe operation and ongoing maintenance.
Common pool equipment includes pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, salt systems, chlorine generators, chemical feeders and other accessories as well as replacement parts.

Other Supplies
Products like pool accessories, lights, safety solutions, steps and ladders, inflatables, water toys and games as well as spa, sauna and hot tub products.

Paying for Pool Supplies with PayPal

Most popular online pool gear suppliers in the market accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal.