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PayPal-Friendly Women’s Lingerie Stores

Wish to refresh your underwear drawer with a new chic bra, silky panties or other intimate wear that will warm up your bedroom and add color, spice and heat to your life?

The following list contains information about women’s lingerie shops that accept PayPal.
These online shopping websites enable customers to order all types of intimate apparel and use PayPal as their payment method for this purchase.

PayPal-Friendly Women's Lingerie Stores




Frederick’s of Hollywood


Lavinia Lingerie


Women’s undergarments are the most personal clothing items in any lady’s closet and they come in many different styles, cuts, colors and shapes.
While some items are basic and simple and are manufactured for strictly functional purposes (hygiene, protection, comfort and support), others are more fashionable, sensual and seductive.

Lingerie pieces focus on aesthetics and design, enhance and flatter the feminine figure, making the woman look and feel more irresistible, wanted and sexually appealing.
In addition, they help reflecting a mysterious aura of beauty, elegance and charm.

Even though customers buy lingerie in different styles, colors and designs, in accordance with their individual taste, the purpose of this purchase remains the same: to obtain the power to tempt, feel physically attractive, empowered and confident.

Whether the customer is wild, provocative and playful or more conservative and modest in nature, there are countless intimate clothing items that can fit any personality, style, budget and individual taste.

Reasons for Popularity

In US and western culture, lingerie offers a variety of benefits which are the reasons behind their massive popularity:

  • Self Fulfilment: Wearing beautiful lingerie underneath the garments is not solely something to do ‘for someone else’, but rather for one’s own pleasure and enjoyment as well as a form of individual personal-expression, style, self-care and love.
  • Self Confidence: Even though no one else can see it, wearing something extremely sexy underneath the everyday clothes makes one feel feminine and confident.
  • Sexiness: Quite often, wearing something sexy makes the girl feel beautiful, admirable and desirable, as intimates are an inherent part of the famous feminine mystique.
  • Improving Bedroom Intimacy: Introducing lingerie into an existing committed relationship can establish closer romantic connections between couples, add some extra spice, mystery and excitement and enrich their love life.
    It’s a powerful way to set the mood and build enthusiasm for a very special evening.
  • More Sex: They make sex more frequent, leading to more action between the sheets.
  • Removes Complacency: Investing in fancy panties, bras and other types of luxury lingerie help putting some effort into bringing the sexiness and attraction back in a woman and the actual relationship.
  • Nonverbal Communication: A gorgeous intimate outfit ignites the passion and carries the immediate ability send a loud and clear message out to the partner, even without actually saying anything.
  • A Great Gift for Girlfriends and Wives: It’s a very romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion.

What Do Lingerie Websites Offer?

The ability to buy lingerie discreetly online is extremely important for many male and female customers.
The average consumer is enjoying complete privacy while purchasing a very personal and sensitive item, with no prying eyes and ears or unpleasant judgmental looks from other shoppers or the store’s staff.

Many women prefer to purchase their intimates on the internet, from the comfort of their home, in order to avoid the awkwardness, discomfort, embarrassment and even intimidation that many of them feel when entering to a local brick and mortar lingerie boutique.

Online retailers offer a broad selection of intimate apparel in a wide variety of categories and brands, ranging from inexpensive items made by less familiar small labels all the way to the major league of famous designer lingerie makers.

The modern 21st century lingerie industry offers many high quality garments that are made with comfortable fabrics, solid item constructions and a plethora of different styles and designs that the customer can choose from.


Here are a few common examples for items that can be found in almost any major lingerie shopping site on the web:

>> Bras
>> Bralettes
>> Panties
>> Briefs
>> Thongs
>> V-Strings
>> G-Strings
>> Babydolls
>> Camisoles
>> Chemises
>> Teddies
>> Sexy Pajamas & Gowns
>> Lace Lingerie
>> Robes
>> Corsets
>> Strapless
>> Shapewear
>> Garters & Garter Belts
>> Body Stockings
>> Leggings
>> Crotchless
>> Hosiery
>> Nighties
>> Underwear Sets
>> Sleepwear
>> Pantyhose
>> Bustiers
>> Bodysuits
>> Plus Size Intimates
>> Bridal Lingerie
>> Clubwear
>> Dancewear
>> Sexy Adult Costumes

Paying for Lingerie with PayPal

Many popular intimate apparel ecommerce sites in the market accept PayPal and take a variety of other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, gift cards and more.