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PayPal-Friendly Custom Canvas Printing Services

Wish to decorate your home or office with your favorite and most cherished photos and surround yourself with unforgettable memories from your life, family and special events?

The following list contains information about photo to canvas companies that accept PayPal.
These websites enable individuals to transform their digital images into beautiful works of art and use PayPal as their preferred payment method for this service.

PayPal-Friendly Custom Canvas Printing Services




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What is a Canvas Print?

A professional canvas print is the end-result of a computer-controlled manufacturing process, in which a digital image is printed onto high-quality, artist-grade canvas.
Then, it is either stretched or gallery-wrapped onto a thick hardwood frame.
Alternatively, it can be delivered as a rolled canvas without any framing.

Since they add such a unique touch to any type of room, canvas prints are frequently used as decorative pieces in interior home and office design.
The finished product provides a similar effect of a beautiful piece of art in a museum or an art-gallery, since it closely replicates the look of an original oil or acrylic painting.

The high demand for custom canvas prints by home and business customers is directly related to the meaningful progress in modern large-format printing technologies.

How Does a Photo to Canvas Service Work?

The ordering process in such websites usually includes the following steps:

  • The customer uploads a quality digital photo from his computer or mobile phone in one of the popular file formats (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP or TIF).
    It can be either a personal self-taken image or a professional one, legally purchased from a stock photography service.
  • The user then selects the size and layout of the print (single-photo, gallery, multi-panel canvas, etc.) and starts personalizing his order with all the desired adjustments.
  • The customer chooses from the various framing options (classic, floating or no frame at all).
  • Desired photo filters and effects are then selected (such as black & white, sepia, comic-book, pop-art, oil painting, etc).
  • If needed, the user can also select from a variety of image touch-up and design enhancement options – which may incur additional costs.
  • The company manufactures the print according to the requested specifications, packs and sends it to the customer.

Product Format Types

Single Canvas
The most basic one-piece product: one photo is printed onto an individual panel.

Cluster Canvas Groupings
Cluster canvas arrangements offer a unique and special way to create a wonderful display of a collection of your favorite photos.
They group multiple canvas panels, each carrying an individual image, together in a harmonious pattern.

Split Canvas
Dividing a single image across several canvas prints will result in a much greater creative impact on your space.
Split, multi-panel canvasses are commonly available in Diptych (two-piece), Triptych (three-piece) or Quadriptych (four-piece) styles.

A canvas photo collage enables to print multiple photos on a single panel.
It’s a great way to tell a story by showcasing a variety of images and combining them into an elegant gallery-like photo arrangement.
Most services provide an online drag-and-drop tool that places the uploaded images into the selected layout.

A photo mosaic is a group of small pictures (called cells or tiles) arranged in such a way to create one larger image (called source photo).
Getting close enables seeing each individual image, while taking a step or two back lets the viewer see the entire picture.

A wide-angle photo offers a true life, precise and authentic reproduction of the original ‘real world’ photographic scene.
It offers a fantastic way to show off city skylines, landscapes, sunsets, beaches, mountain ranges and other breathtaking scenes.

Common Customization Options

Photo Effects, Enhancements and Filters
Artistic special effects can give your photo a completely new look and personality with the help of cutting-edge software technology.
These image transformations can add an extra touch of creativity to your canvas print, bring it to life and make it really shine.

Popular examples include black & white, sepia, vintage, oil painting, color cutout, Andy Warhol, comic book, sketch, pop art and many others.

Border / Wrap Options
The customer can choose from several types of borders, such as image / gallery wrap, mirror wrap, solid / block color wrap (black, white or others), etc.

The user can choose from a variety of professional framing options: standard / classic, premium or floating frames.

Display Options
From standard brass hangers or wires that enable displaying the new canvas on the wall to easel backing that enables placing it over a furniture surface.

Paying for a Personalised Canvas Print with PayPal

Most popular canvas printing service providers in the market accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal.