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PayPal-Friendly Luggage and Bag Stores

Wish to order a new wheeled suitcase for an upcoming business trip, a lightweight carry-on backpack, an elegant multi-piece set for a major vacation or other useful travel goods?

The following list contains information about luggage stores that accept PayPal.
These shopping websites enable consumers to buy all types of luggage, bags, cases and travel accessories and use PayPal as their preferred payment method for the purchase.

PayPal-Friendly Luggage and Bag Stores

Luggage Pros




No single bag or piece of luggage is ideal for all kinds of travel situations (or other common uses) and that’s the reason behind the almost infinite selection of luggage, bags and packs that can be found in the market.

There are so many bag types and variations, each designed for its own unique purpose and ideal for specific circumstances and needs:

Luggage Suitcases, bags or other containers that are used to carry a traveler’s personal belongings for a journey are mandatory items for any kind of trip. A person’s baggage usually contains essential trip necessities such as clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, medications, electronics, gifts and other important small-sized items.
Backpacks A very popular bag structure with two shoulder straps, which is carried on the back. This design can be used for a huge variety of applications that range from ordinary daily use to specific purposes such as hiking, trekking, camping and other outdoor activities as well as travel, work, school, carrying professional equipment, etc.
Laptop Bags Built to contain a laptop of a specific size, but usually is roomy enough to carry additional items, such as cables, a power adapter, computer accessories or personal items. This design provides safe and convenient storage for the computer and a reasonable degree of protection from falls or scratches – at home, in the office and especially on the go. These bags typically come with a convenient shoulder strap and handles.
Duffel Bags A large cylindrically shaped bag with a single zipper running its length, usually made out of nylon, fabric or other material. It is carried either with a strap over the shoulder – or by hand, by holding the two side handles. This type of crushable and expandable bag is usually strong, durable, easy to carry and can handle a relatively high weight load. It can be used for a wide range of applications and settings: sports activities, gym sessions, weekend vacations, overnight trips, carry-on luggage and more.
Messenger Bags A rectangular bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap that is usually worn across the body. Originally used by bicycle messengers, but today these bags are considered as popular urban fashion icons. This unique design is often being implemented in many products that have different purposes, such as general everyday use, school, work, laptop storage, carrying diapering gear and as mail or courier bags.
Briefcases & Business Bags Used for work purposes, business bags come in many formats. A typical briefcase is designed to carry common work-related items, such as professional papers, documents and notes, writing instruments, a mobile phone charger, calculator, business cards and even an umbrella or a sandwich.
Travel Accessories A variety of solutions that make travelling a little bit easier and more organized, such as packing aids, toiletry and shave kits, cosmetic bags, TSA luggage locks, suitcase tags and more.

Popular Brands

The following alphabetical list includes the most popular luggage brands that are sold in the United States

  • American Tourister
  • Bric’s
  • Briggs & Riley
  • Delsey
  • Eagle Creek
  • Hartmann
  • Rimowa
  • Samsonite
  • Travelpro
  • Tumi
  • Victorinox

What Do Luggage Websites Offer?

The continuous increase in incoming and outgoing tourist traffic, the expansion of U.S. and worldwide rail, road and air passenger travel, the globalization of the business sector as well as the development and growth of the international tourism industry generate greater demand for modern and fashionable luggage solutions.

Online retailers offer a broad range of carry-ons and checked luggage, individual suitcases, personal item sized bags and a wide selection of other useful travel accessories, as well as business, laptop and casual bags from all major domestic and international manufacturers.

These merchants serve all types of consumers, such as:

  • Vacationing individuals
  • Backpackers
  • Business travelers
  • Professionals (pilots, lawyers, photographers, etc.)
  • College students
  • Children

Luggage stores offer products in countless styles, shapes, sizes, materials and colors to suit every taste, budget and for any purpose or desired use.

Road trips, cruise-ship vacations and air flights have different luggage needs or requirements.
Airline checked and hand luggage guidelines need to be followed in order to avoid unnecessary additional fees and penalties.

Paying for Bags & Luggage with PayPal

Many popular travel bag ecommerce sites in the market accept PayPal and take a variety of other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, gift cards and more.