Ordering a Background Check with Paypal

All of the above companies and service providers accept Paypal and you can use it to pay for the background check.
If you prefer to use an alternative payment method - no problem.
The above agencies take most credit cards, so you're free to use the payment method of your choice.

Tips on Performing Background Checks

A background check is an effective and useful tool that provides a full and comprehensive picture on a person's character based on their personal record history.
It may offer an extensive report about someone's criminal, employment, financial, educational and driving history as well as other important information obtained from the individual's public records and databases.

Such an accurate and thorough background investigation can be very helpful in shedding light on a particular person's profile, financial habits and verify their integrity.
It's a very useful process that helps understanding who a person really is or at least how their past looks like and enables you to verify certain claims that an individual has made with regard to their history.

They reduce risk and uncertainty and increase security, safety and your peace of mind when you initiate new relationships on a personal or business level.
Such a report can provide valuable information about a person and can help determine whether that individual is truly trustworthy and dependable.

A background check can be conducted on a state as well as on a national level.
Obviously, a nationwide research will provide more reliable results, but the report may take longer time to be completed and may not be provided instantly.

Here are a few common circumstances when private people and companies are conducting background checks on people:

>>    Employment

An important post job-interview and pre-employment screening tool for the employer that enables him to learn more about a potential employee who applied for a position and passed the interview successfully.
The investigation is done before the applicant is presented with the actual job offer.
Additionally, such checks are not performed only on new candidates, but also on exiting employees and current workers who are considered for a promotion.

>>    Landlords / Renters

An effective tenant screening tool that enables landlords and apartment owners to protect themselves from potentially problematic renters.
It also enables current renters to better filter potential roommates and rental applicants.

>>    Before Hiring a Nanny

A vital step before a family hires a new babysitter, nanny or au pair

>>    Love, Dating & Relationship

An effective way to screen potential dates that you meet either offline or on online dating websites.
It's a tool that helps preventing nasty surprises on new boyfriends, girlfriends and especially before marriage.

Obtain your report only from credible and reputable background check companies that specialize in this type of inquiry.
Using Paypal for your order will provide you better safety, security and buyer protection.

What Types of Public Records Can You Order With Paypal?

This can vary considerably depending on the type of report which is being ordered, the thoroughness of the inquiry and the online service that you're ordering from.
Here are a few common examples for background check components that you can find in many of them:

>>    National Criminal Record Search
>>    Arrest & Warrant History
>>    Nationwide Federal Criminal Record Search
>>    Misdemeanors & Felonies
>>    Convictions & Incarcerations
>>    Area Sex Offender Check
>>    National Federal and State Bankruptcy Records
>>    Nationwide & Statewide Tax Lien
>>    Civil Filings and Civil Judgments
>>    Alias & Maiden Name Search
>>    Address History
>>    Age & Date of Birth Verification
>>    Spouse / Roommate Finder
>>    Phone Numbers
>>    Possible Relative List + Addresses
>>    High Risk Address Identifier
>>    Death Records Check
>>    Possible Associate List
>>    List of Neighbors
>>    Possible Owned Businesses
>>    Property Ownership Search
>>    Pilot's License Search
>>    Aircraft & Commercial Vessel Ownership Search
>>    Email Addresses

On top of the above services, online background check websites provide other, more basic people search and people finder services, such as:

>>    People search by the person's name, address or phone number.
Using the people finder is an effective way to track down old friends, family relatives, lost love, school and college classmates, military buddies or anyone else.

>>    Reverse phone lookup by placing a number that you wish to trace.

>>    Birth Records

>>    Criminal Records

>>    Marriage & Divorce Records

>>    Court Records

>>    Social Security Number (SSN) Search