What's in It for You? Key Advantages of Owning a Paypal Account

Paypal's AdvantagesIf you don't have already a Paypal account, you may ask yourself why you should have one.
The use of Paypal offers several key advantages and benefits for the average user.
This article will introduce and explain them, point by point.

>>    It's An Immediate Money Transfer Solution

With Paypal, the user can make payments instantly, in real time.
Money can switch hands literally within seconds and it's a very fast way to pay for various products and services that you consume online.

>>    It's Convenient

Making payments with Paypal is extremely easy, comfortable and hassle-free.
Anybody can learn how to do it within a couple of minutes and the process can be learned and mastered even by complete internet novices.

>>    No Credit Card Use

Paypal enables the user to pay other parties directly from his bank account.
In such a case, the payment will not be included in the member's monthly credit card statement.

>>    Better Privacy

Stores, sellers or people that you send money to, can't see your credit card number or other sensitive details.
This gives you better control on you most personal data.

>>    Archived Payment History

As a Paypal user, you enjoy an online archive which saves your entire payment history online.
Whenever you wish to access past payment information, it's there for you.

>>    Paypal Buyer Protection

Paypal takes uncompromising fraud prevention measures in order to protect its users.
Their policy protects you from being victimized by fraudsters or hackers, in case they choose to use your account to send unauthorized payments illegally.

>>    Dispute Resolution

In case you paid for a certain physical product with Paypal but never received it, you can file a claim with the Resolution Center, which will assist you to resolve the issue at stake or even receive a refund.

>>    International Service

Paypal is an international service, which means that you can send money to anybody who lives almost anywhere on the face of planet earth.
Even an average person can enjoy the freedom and the opportunity to shop or do business on a global scale easily.